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High Performance Intelligent Heterogeneous Computing Group

High Performance Intelligent Heterogeneous Computing Group is based in Lviv Polytechnic National University (Lviv, Ukraine) at the Department of Computer Engineering.

The group conducts teaching and research in HPC, including creation of theoretical foundations, with particular emphasis on development of:

  • High-performance processors with parallel architecture for general-purpose and application-specific computer systems.
  • Automatic parallelization tools for multiprocessor systems.
  • Automatic processing of algorithms structure.
  • Multiport memory with parallel conflict-free access to data.
  • HLL2HDL tools for automatic high-level synthesis of efficient parallel application-specific processors.
  • Self-configurable FPGA-based high-performance computer systems.
  • Autonomous intelligent systems based on the principles of self-organization and machine learning.
  • Hardware and software platforms for the applied cyber-physical systems.

Some of the relevant projects in which the group has participated in the last years are the following: